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Ten years later, the Dursley household is dominated by the Dursleys’ child, Dudley, that tortures and also harasses Harry. Dudley ruined, while Harry is compelled to oversleep a cabinet under the stairs. Download Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Stephen Fry Audiobook Free. At the zoo on Dudley’s birthday, the glass before a boa constrictor exhibit goes away, frightening every person. Harry later on punished for this case.

Strange letters start showing up for Harry. They fret Mr. Dursley, that aims to keep them from Harry, yet the notes keep showing up through every fracture in the house. Lastly, he flees with his family to a remote island shack on the eve of Harry’s l lth birthday celebration. At midnight, they hear a massive bang on the door as well as Hagrid goes into. Hagrid hands Harry an admissions letter to the Hogwarts Institution of Witchcraft and also Magic. Harry discovers that the Dursleys have aimed to reject Harry’s magic all these years.

In the last chamber, Harry is shocked to find neither Snape nor Voldemort, but Teacher Quirrell, the meek-tempered teacher of Protection versus the Dark Arts, and the Mirror of Erised. Quirrell discloses that he, not Snape, has been Voldemort’s servant the whole time: Quirrell jinxed Harry’s broom throughout the Quidditch suit as well as consumed the unicorn’s blood in the Forbidden Woodland. Now, in the last challenge, Quirrell needs only to recover the Sorcerer’s Rock from within the Mirror of Erised. He asks his master for aid, and also Harry listens to an incorporeal voice talk from within Quirrell, telling him to make use of Harry to obtain to it. Quirrell stands Harry in front of the mirror and also orders him to inform him just what he sees. Identified to maintain the Rock from falling into Voldemort’s hands, Harry lies as well as tells Quirrell that sees himself winning the Quidditch Cup for Gryffindor. He then, in fact, sees himself holding the Sorcerer’s Rock and putting it in his pocket. Realizing that the Stone is currently in his pocket, Harry attempts to stall for time up until he can leave. Quirrell removes his turban and discloses Voldemort’s face emerging from the back of his head. Voldemort speaks straight to Harry, ridiculing him about the fatality of his parents, and afterward orders Quirrell to kill him. When Quirrell attempts to touch Harry, his skin blisters and also, though Harry remains in excruciating pain from his mark, he compels the contact with Quirrell. With Voldemort’s screams of anger resembling in his head, Harry ultimately passes out.

Harry decides to take the Sorcerer’s Stone before Voldemort can. Harry, Ron, and also Hermione sneak off to the restricted hallway as well as surpass the three-headed dog by waning it to copulate music. As soon as through the trap door, they land on Evil one’s Entrapment, the initial of several challenges implemented by the Hogwart’s instructors. As the plant’s snake-like tendrils endangered to strangle Ron as well as Harry, Hermione makes use of beautiful fire to ward off the plant and also break them cost-free. The next difficulty is to go through a space filled with numerous small flying keys. Harry flies on a broomstick to discover the silver secret that matches the lock on the door and ultimately snatches it out of the swarm. The door opens up to disclose a giant wizard’s chessboard. A professional chess gamer, Ron takes the lead in this challenge and also eventually sacrifices himself to permit Harry and Hermione to get to the following difficulty. When Harry, as well as Hermione, step into the next room, they are quickly bordered by fires and faced with a complex riddle of harmful remedies. Hermione reasonably fixes the question and offers Harry the potion needed to travel to the following room as well as the last difficulty while she returns to aid Ron.

When Harry wakes up, he discovers himself in the healthcare facility wing with Dumbledore. Dumbledore found Harry in the nick of time to maintain Quirrell from killing him, though Voldemort escaped again. Dumbledore clarifies that Quirrell was not able to touch Harry’s skin because of his mom’s love: when Lily Potter sacrificed herself for him, she left Harry with an old magical defense. He recognized that just Harry would be able to obtain the Stone from the Mirror of Erised because, unlike Quirrell as well as Voldemort, Harry wished to locate the Rock but did not intend to utilize it. Although Voldemort ruined, Harry’s actions have maintained him from restoring power in the meantime.

After the holiday’s end, Harry, Ron, and Hermione ultimately find the identity of Nicolas Flamel: he is the just known manufacturer of the Sorcerer’s Stone, which produces the elixir of life. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Stephen Fry Audio Book Online. They recognize that the three-headed dog is securing the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Harry begins to think that Snape intends to steal it. Harry, Ron, as well as Hermione likewise uncover that Hagrid is elevating an illegal dragon that was offered to him by a complete mystical stranger in a bar for information concerning the three-headed pet dog. Harry and Hermione determine to smuggle the dragon to Ron’s brother, Charlie, that works with dragons in Romania but captured following handing off the dragon to one of Charlie’s friends.

The next day, Hagrid takes Harry to London to buy school products. Initially, they go to the wizard financial institution, Gringotts, where Harry finds out that his moms and dads have left him a significant supply of money. They shop on the Wizards’ industrial street referred to as Diagon Alley, where Harry fitted for his college attire. Harry acquires publications, ingredients for potions, as well as, lastly, a magic stick – the companion wand to the evil Voldemort’s.

As the school year gets underway, Harry discovers that his Remedies teacher, Snape, does not like him. Hagrid reassures Harry that Snape does not need to dislike him. During their initial flying lesson on broomsticks, the trainees are told to remain grounded while the teacher takes a hurt kid named Neville to the medical facility. Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin bully, snatches Neville’s prized plaything and flies off with it to the top of a tree. Harry flies after him. Malfoy throws the round airborne, as well as Harry, speeds downward, making an incredible catch. Teacher McGonagall witnesses this case. As opposed to penalizing Harry, she recommends that he play Quidditch, a much-loved video game that appears like football used broomsticks, for Gryffindor. Later on that day, Malfoy tests Harry to a wizard’s duel at twelve o’clock at night. Malfoy doesn’t appear at the selected location, as well as Harry almost gets into a problem. While attempting to hide, he mistakenly uncovers an intense three-headed pet dog was protecting a trapdoor in the restricted third-floor hallway.

At the end of the year banquet, the members of Slytherin Home are celebrating their triumph of your home Mug for the seventh straight year. Suddenly, Dumbledore honors final indicate Harry, Ron, Hermione, as well as Neville, which gives Gryffindor the side over Slytherin. Harry considers it to be the best night of his life and also go back to invest the summer season with the Dursleys content in the friendships that he has made at Hogwarts.
Mr. Dursley, a well-off Englishman, notifications strange happenings on his means to function someday. That evening, Albus Dumbledore, the head of a sorcery academy called Hogwarts, fulfills Teacher McGonagall, who additionally instructs at Hogwarts, and also a giant called Hagrid outside the Dursley residence. Dumbledore informs McGonagall that somebody named Voldemort has killed a Mr. and Mrs. Potter as well as tried unsuccessfully to eliminate their child, Harry. Dumbledore leaves Harry with an informative note in a basket in front of the Dursley house.

A month later, Harry most likely to the train terminal as well as catches his train to Hogwarts on the right track 9 and also three quarters. On the train, Harry befriends various other first-year students like Ron Weasley as well as Hermione Granger, and a Muggle girl preferred to participate in Hogwarts. At college, the first-years take transforms putting on the “Sorting Hat” to figure out in which property residence they will undoubtedly live. Harry is afraid of being assigned to the ominous Slytherin home, but he, Ron, as well as Hermione wind up in the noble Gryffindor residence.

Harry and Ron don’t agree on Hermione, however makeup when they save her from a troll that’s terrorizing the institution. Though they enter the problem of handling the troll alone, they additionally show their bravery.

Later, Malfoy and also Harry have a battle and Malfoy difficulties Harry to a wizard duel at twelve o’clock at night. Hermione and Ron come with Harry. However, Malfoy does not reveal– he was attempting to get them in trouble for strolling the college while they ought to remain in bed. As they hurry to obtain back to the dormitory, the three good friends stumble right into a prohibited part of Hogwarts, where they run into a three-headed monster dog. Luckily, they get away at the last minute.

Malfoy comes to be a massive bully. J. K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Stephen Fry Audio Book Download. Throughout their very first broom-flying lesson, he teases Neville. In defending Neville, Harry realizes he’s a natural at flying. He’s a superstar on a broomstick. Although Harry’s busted policies by flying unsupervised, Teacher McGonagall awards him by placing him on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as Applicant (a basic setting on the group).

When not attempting to address the mystery of Nicholas Flamel, Harry is trying to stabilize Quidditch and also college job. Gryffindor wins one more Quidditch video game, which Snape umpires, then Harry listens to Snape and also Quirrell arguing.

Later on that summertime, Harry travels to Hogwarts. He needs to take a train from system nine and three-quarters, an excellent platform! A family called the Weasleys assists him to find his way, as well as starts to earn pals with among their kids, Ron. He meets other first-year students like Hermione Granger and also Neville Longbottom.

As the initial Quidditch suit approaches, the three pals suspicious Snape of desiring the bundle from Gringotts. Throughout the video game, Harry’s broom acts strange and also appears to be hexed. Harry’s conserved, however, his good friends condemn Snape for placing him at risk.

Cut to present day, when ten-year-old Harry deals with his super-mean auntie and uncle and also their son Dudley. When they most likely to the zoo for Dudley’s birthday, Harry comes across a thoughtful serpent. He can speak to the friendly reptile and also in some way seems to have eliminated the glass from its cage so that it could go back to Brazil. After the journey to the zoo, strange letters start getting here for Harry. His uncle, Mr. Dursley, rages as well as tries to maintain them from Harry. But the notes keep arriving at such a quick price that, the evening before Harry’s l lth birthday celebration, his uncle takes the entire family members to a deserted island to escape every one of the mail.

After their arrival at Hogwarts, the initial years are Arranged right into one of 4 residences (assume dorm rooms). Harry, Ron, Hermione, and also Neville are all Gryffindors (a home understood for fearlessness); Malfoy is a Slytherin (a house understood for aspiration, and also well known for generating dark wizards). They begin taking all sort of classes in magic. Harry disapproval the Potions instructor, Snape, who is unfair and kind of mean.

When Harry concerns, he remains in the infirmary with Dumbledore, and also Quirrell is dead. Dumbledore describes that Harry beat Quirrell/Voldemort with the defense of his mommy’s love. He likewise states that the Stone has damaged.