Book 2 – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Jim Dale)

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have been trying to find the Heir of Slytherin on their own. The reason that the flood of water at Mrs. Norris’s attack came from a nearby bathroom. The bathroom is haunted by the ghost of a former Hogwarts student, Moaning Myrtle. She didn’t see anything from that night, though. Because Moaning Myrtle has such an awful personality, her bathroom is always empty. So Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to use it as a base to create Polyjuice Potion. Polyjuice Potion allows you to take the shape of another person for an hour, as long as you have a hair from him or her to add to the potion at the last minute. Harry, Ron, and Hermione think that Draco Malfoy is behind the attacks, so they decide to take the shapes of his Slytherin friends to get a confession out of him.

After this failed attempt at tracking down the Heir of Slytherin, things die down a bit at Hogwarts. There are no new attacks and Hermione returns to her normal human shape. Then, Harry finds out that Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom has flooded again. Someone threw a blank diary into her toilet. Harry takes the log and discovers that it once belonged to a Hogwarts Head Boy, Tom Riddle. Riddle enchanted the diary to hold on to some of his memories. When Harry asks the log what happened fifty years before with the Chamber of Secrets, Riddle shows him that it was Hagrid, the current Hogwarts groundskeeper, who was keeping a monster secret in the castle. Harry loves Hagrid, so he doesn’t want to believe it’s true. He knows that Hagrid has a weak spot for scary creatures, so Harry suspects that Hagrid was the one to open the Chamber the first time.

Harry and Ron get into massive trouble for arriving late at school and coming in a flying car. What’s more, Ron snapped his wand in the crash, so his spells become unpredictable and undirected for the rest of the year. They don’t get expelled, though, which is the important thing. Ron misses the Sorting of his younger sister, Ginny, who ends up in Gryffindor House, just like Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Ginny is very shy around Harry, but she has a massive crush on him.

Harry and Ron arrive at King’s Cross Station to take the Hogwarts Express with the other Weasley kids who attend Hogwarts: Ginny, Fred, George, and Percy. But Harry and Ron can’t get through the magical barrier to Platform 9 3/4. In a panic that they have missed the train to Hogwarts, they decide to take Mr. Weasley’s flying car to Hogwarts. They succeed in reaching Hogwarts mostly safe (though they spotted by some Muggles, which is strictly against wizard law), but the car loses power and crashes into a great tree called the Whomping Willow. Harry and Ron survive, but the vehicle is fed up and rolls off into the Forbidden Forest.

Just before his Quidditch match against Hufflepuff, Harry hears the voice in the walls again. Hermione has some breakthrough and rushes to the library to research more, but she is Petrified before she can tell them what she realized. Now that Hermione is the fourth student attacked, things have come to a crisis point. Harry and Ron decide to sneak down to Hagrid’s hut to confront him.

Harry locates Ginny unconscious in the Chamber of Keys. Near her is the blurry number of Tom Puzzle. Puzzle finally describes that he has been using his diary to gain control of Ginny for much of the year. He can take physical kind currently since he is feeding off Ginny’s soul. He existed when he informed Harry that Hagrid was the one to open up the Chamber of Tricks; it was Riddle himself when he was a trainee at Hogwarts. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audio Book. Riddle required Ginny to enter the Chamber to entice Harry to him since he wishes to talk with Harry. The puzzle has discovered that Harry is renowned for defeating Voldemort as a child. He to know just how Harry did it because Harry was merely a child and also Voldemort was the greatest wizard who ever lived. Riddle understands that this holds true since he is Voldemort: “I Am Lord Voldemort” is an anagram for Riddle’s full name, “Tom Marvolo Riddle.”

In the middle of the night, Harry hears a noise outside. It is his faithful buddy Ron Weasley as well as his twin siblings, Fred and also George in a flying Ford Anglia cars and truck! Harry escapes from Privet Drive, and they fly to the Burrow, the Weasley’s home. Mrs. Weasley is delighted to see Harry in the early morning, though she is disturbed with her sons for creeping out in the night. Ginny Weasley, Ron’s, is likewise very thrilled to see Harry, but modestly. The Weasleys as well as Harry most likely to Diagon Alley to purchase their Hogwarts products. In Diagon Alley, they unite with Harry’s other friend, Hermione Granger. They likewise unluckily run into Draco Malfoy and also his papa, Lucius. There is a great deal of tension in between Mr. Weasley as well as Lucius Malfoy. Harry additionally satisfies Gilderoy Lockhart, his vain Protection Against the Dark Arts instructor. Harry and also the Weasleys set off to the Hogwarts Express terminal. Harry and also Ron cannot go into the station, so they ride Ron’s Ford Anglia up in the clouds, adhering to the Hogwarts Express, later on gaining Ron a full Howler letter from his mommy scolding him.

Harry and Ron got to Hogwarts safely, though messily, earning them detention. A couple of days later on, Quidditch practices start. Draco Malfoy is the new applicant in the Slytherin group. Draco disrespects Hermione by calling her a “Mudblood” which insults her Muggle, or non-magical human origins. After the technique, Harry listens to an eerie voice in the hallways and also not long sees the caretaker’s feline petrified as well as hung up beside the wall where someone composed with blood, “The Chamber has opened. Adversaries of the beneficiary beware.” Harry, Ron, and also Hermione are surprised. Just what does this mean? They investigate as well as learn that fifty years ago a chamber at Hogwarts was opened and a pupil murdered. Throughout the Quidditch video game, Harry gets slapped by a magical round that knocks him off his mop. He is given the healthcare facility wing as well as sees a younger first year that has been scared. When Harry recovered, he understands he could talk Parseltongue to snakes. Every person hesitates of him because only the beneficiary of Slytherin could speak with serpents. Later on, even more, trainees or even a ghost were petrified.