Book 2 – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Jim Dale)

Harry and Ron try to go to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, but Professor McGonagall (head of Gryffindor House) finds them. They claim that they were going to visit Hermione in the Hospital Wing since they don’t want to get into trouble for looking for the Chamber of Secrets. Professor McGonagall is moved and lets them go. In the Hospital Wing, Harry notices that Hermione has something clenched in her fist. It’s a description of a monster called a basilisk, a giant venomous snake that can kill just be looking at you. Harry realizes that the elephant in the Chamber of Secrets must be a basilisk since none of the people who were Petrified looked at the basilisk directly. The fact that none of them made eye contact with the basilisk is the only thing that saved their lives. Harry can speak Parseltongue (snake language), which is why he heard it talking as it moved through the pipes of the school.

They are finally able to collect all of the ingredients and finish the potion by Christmas break. Harry and Ron change successfully into Draco’s two dim-witted best friends, Crabbe and Goyle. But Hermione’s potion has gone wrong. She used a hair from the robes of Millicent Bulstrode in her drink, but the hair turns out to have been cat rather than human. Hermione sprouts hair from her face and grows cat ears and a tail. Harry and Ron break into the Slytherin Common Room to talk to Draco, but they find out (disappointingly) that he’s not the Heir to Slytherin. He does tell them that the Chamber fifty years ago, and that time, a Muggle-born died.

Harry grows more and more determined to find out what is causing these attacks. Following Hagrid’s instructions, Harry and Ron track a line of spiders from the castle into the Forbidden Forest. They arrive at a hollow in the ground where the monster Hagrid did bring to the castle, a vast spider called Aragog, confirms that he not raised in the Chamber of Secrets. Aragog also never killed anyone. He is willing to let his children (other huge spiders) eat Ron and Harry, though. After barely escaping with their lives, Harry and Ron make it back to Hogwarts. They know Hagrid is innocent, but they don’t know what to do next. Harry suddenly realizes: could the girl who died in the first Chamber of Secrets attacks have been Moaning Myrtle?

It doesn’t help matters that the next victim of whatever is happening at the school is Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry finds him Petrified on the ground along with Gryffindor ghost, Nearly Headless Nick. All of the Hufflepuffs (and many of the other students at Hogwarts) think that Harry must have been the one to attack Justin. When Colin Creevey, a Gryffindor first year who has been annoying Harry with his constant photographs, turns up Petrified as well, the school takes this as definite evidence that Harry has been up to no good.

The school’s suspicions increase when Harry duels with Draco during the first (and last) meeting of Professor Lockhart’s Dueling Club. Draco makes a snake appear, and the snake turns to attack a Hufflepuff second year, Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry tells the snake to stop without ever realizing that he’s speaking to it in Parseltongue, snake language. The ability to talk to snakes is one of the things Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of the school and the supposed creator of the Chamber of Secrets, was known. Because none of the other kids can understand Parseltongue, they suspect that Harry was encouraging the snake to attack Justin because Justin is a Muggle-born and not a pureblood wizard. The whole school starts to believe that Harry is the Heir of Slytherin who has opened the Chamber.

Harry starts to notice strange things around the castle: he hears a voice that no one else can listen to, which talks about tearing, ripping, and killing. Harry worries that he is starting to lose his mind. Things come to a head when he, Ron, and Hermione are coming back from a ghost party on Halloween night. They find a vast pool of water on the floor. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Free. There is a creepy message painted on the wall: As well, Mrs. Norris, a cat who belongs to the Hogwarts caretaker, is hanging by her tail from a torch bracket. Her eyes are wide open, but she is stiff as a board. The whole school suddenly starts to suspect that Harry is responsible for this event.